Deckmate PVA drying towel

Deckmate PVA drying towel deluxe

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Product information

  • With the large size of almost 0.3m², this chamois cleans every surface quickly.
  • Retains 6x its own weight in water.
  • Thanks to the embossed surface structure and limited surface friction dining cleaning.
  • Feels soft (to the touch) and is easy to dry.
  • Prevents rot and mould.

Suitable for:

  • This chamois is also suitable for drying the car, interior or for household use.
  • Additionally, this chamois is often used for removing pet hairs.

After use, it is recommended that you wash the chamois in plenty of fresh water, wring it out and store it in the case.


Brand Deckmate
Item code DM320
Sort Drying Products
Material Polyvinyl alcohol chamois